March 23, 2013 Sheeraz Ahmad

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As Dwayne Bravo fought hard, Narine swung merrily, and enjoyed some good timing and some good luck. The two added 47 in 5.3 overs, and brought the target down 72 off 39. Pollard took time to get going, and by the time he decided everything needed to go as West Indies needed 62 in four overs. Over the next four balls, he brought out some savage hits against the 34 year old rookie , losing two balls and scoring 20 runs. Babar, though, went over the wicket, and managed to get the outer edge, which still carried to deep cover. Immediately, he got rid of Bravo, who also wanted to go over the off side but found long off.

Slept on the trains, and they already targeting homeless people, said Damian Mitchell, a member of Picture the Homeless, an advocacy group. now it about to get a whole lot worse. And they act like, because they have shelters, if we don want to go into them then it should be open season cheap panther jerseys on us.

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