SAP S4 Cash Management

August 23, 2017
August 23, 2017 Sheeraz Ahmad

SAP S4 Cash Management

SAP S/4HANA for Cash Management covers following aspects:

1. Bank Account Management, brand new tool to help cash manager to manage bank accounts as Master Data on their own, instead of configurations (FI12) comparing with classic cash management. The main processes and advantages:
  • Rich list of attributes in bank account master data, furthermore, it is allowed to extend with customer-specific fields
  • Leveraging SAP standard workflow to manage the processes for opening, changing, closing and reviewing bank accounts
  • Standard bank hierarchy and free-style bank account group
  • Cash pool structure definition
  • Download and upload bank accounts, bank account data replication cross different systems
  • Legal report for Foreign Bank Account Report
2. Cash Operations

A.  Cash Position Analysis, includes following apps

  • Bank Statement Import Status Monitor: easy to understand the latest status of bank statement import, in order to continue the cash position analysis
  • Cash Position smart business: high level analysis with graphic UI
  • Cash Position Details: detailed analysis with flexible/user personalized layout
  • Check Cash Flow Items: line item analysis and can drill down to original transactions

B. Transactional Fiori app for Make Bank Transfers, Track Bank Transfers, Approve Bank Payments and Cash  Concentrations (based on cash pool defined in Bank Account Management)
C. Transactional SAPGUI transaction: FF63, FF65 (FF6A, FF6B) for memo records creation and maintenance, and comparison reports between memo records and bank statements/payments.
D. SAPGUI transaction for Cash Position: FF7AN, which serves the situation that 1. Customer chooses not to setup Fiori environment (not recommended), 2. Customer requires business processes (Agency Business, RE-FX) that are not yet integrated to new cash management/One Exposure (will be integrated in future), the same for FF7BN

3. Liquidity Management

A.Liquidity Forecast analysis

  • Liquidity Forecast smart business app for high level analysis for next 90 days
  • Liquidity Forecast Details, offers opening balance, cash movements and closing balance, breaking down cash flows into liquidity item dimensional analysis, and supports various dimensions by standard product, for example, planning level, planning group etc.

B. Actual Cash Flow analysis

  • Actual Cash Flow smart business for high level analysis for previous 90 days
  • Actual Cash Flow detailed analysis, focus on liquidity item dimensional analysis, supports project, WBS element, cost center and so on as well.

C. Liquidity Planning

  • Rolling Monthly Liquidity Planning by default, customers can define own layout (for instance, weekly, daily planning) based on standard in project
  • Various source of reference data for planning, including liquidity forecast (same as Liquidity Forecast app), actuals and plans from last cycle
  • End to end lifecycle management of planning process by leveraging embedded BPC
4. One Exposure, serves as the foundation for new cash management by integrating different business processes and supporting data from both local and remote systems. supported business processes:
  • Local system: Accounting, Treasury and Risk Management(TRM), Mortgage Loan(CML), Contract Accounting(FI-CA), Bank Statement, Material Management(MM), Sales and Distribution(SD)
  • Remote system: Distributed Cash Management(IDOC), Liquidity Planner Actuals(Web service) and Bank Balance upload(Excel)
5. Others
  • Based on SAP HANA
  • SAP Fiori UI