June 21, 2013 Sheeraz Ahmad

byron jones launches for record 12

In 2012 Koch Industries donated $2.2 million to candidates for president, Congress, and Senate, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. But that just the tip of the iceberg of the Kochs warchest. Charles Koch and his wife Elizabeth gave $919,000, and David Koch and wife Julia gave $2.4 million to candidates none of it to Democrats. They also give big bucks to Americans for Prosperity, their conservative political action committee, which makes huge campaign contributions but which isn required to reveal its donors names.

Corporate codes of conduct are developed to inform and encourage employees to act ethically. The Google code of conduct, for example, summarizes its ethical views as “Don’t be evil” on its Investor Relations web page. The detailed code states the company expects contractors and temporary workers to follow it. Other rules within the code include: avoid conflicts of interest, respect co workers and clients, don’t retaliate against someone who reports wrongdoing and protect confidential information.

Listening to John McCain’s speech to the Senate on Tuesday and then President Donald Trump’s remarks at his news conference, it struck me who is the true patriot of this country. While I have disagreed with McCain on many issues over the years, it is clear he has a strong conviction of what our country represents and how our elected officials should be responsible, and his actions have proved it. Trump’s remarks immediately following were in such contrast all about himself. That is what Trump represents. Let’s hope the Senate and the House and all Americans follow the spirit of John McCain. We need it!

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