November 15, 2011 Sheeraz Ahmad

10 best employee evaluation tests

It should not be used for entry level positions but is great for management and higher.

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A combination of verbal and numerical questions used by Bayer and Valtera, among other companies. It’s meant primarily for hiring into decision making roles; it is predictive of on the job performance and the ability to learn.

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3. Multidimensional Aptitude Battery II

A recent test, created in 1998, with 303 questions; applicants are given 100 minutes. It measures general mental ability: the ability to reason, plan, and solve problems. It’s suited for technical and professional/managerial jobs.

4. Wonderlic Personnel Test

An old classic, created in 1937. It takes 12 minutes, and the 120 million people who have taken the test include most NFL players the league uses it wholesale jerseys to assess college recruits. However, this is best for entry to midlevel jobs, as the questions are quite simple.

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6. 16PF

This 185 item test measures the 16 personality factors identified by Raymond Cattell (see Cheap Soccer Jerseys From China 59% off page 93); invented in 1949, it’s in its fifth edition. Fortune 100 retailers and software developers are among the clients. It’s meant for leadership positions.

7. Hogan Personality Inventory

Robert Hogan has been refining this test for 30 years. It asks for true or false responses to attitude and biographical questions, like “I don’t care if others like the things I do” and “I like classical music.”

It measures subjects on seven personality scales such as ambition and prudence, and six occupational scales such as service orientation and clerical potential.

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Created in 1967, this 352 item test is in its third edition. It measures 22 job relevant personality traits and is appropriate for any level of employee.